Ruprecht-Karls-UniversitÃ<83>¤t Heidelberg

HeiNER - the Heidelberg Named Entity Resource

HeiNER is a freely available multilingual lexical Named Entity resource extracted from Wikipedia.


  • More than 1.5 Million disambiguated English NEs
  • Translations into all 253 languages available in Wikipedia
  • Context sets in 16 languages for each Named Entity
  • A dictionary that maps ambiguous proper names to sets of unique and disambiguated Named Entities

A more detailed description is given in the documentation section.

If you want to use the resource just download it from the download section.


HeiNER has been published at the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference 2008 in Marrakech. For a detailed description of the method used to acquire the data read the paper (BibTex), or have a look at the poster.


We thank the MFG-Stiftung Baden Württemberg for honoring our work with the Karl-Steinbuch-Scholarship 2008.
Furthermore we want to thank Anette Frank, Nils Reiter and Philipp Cimiano for numerous valuable and very helpful discussions throughout the work on HeiNER.

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